About Roohbaru

What is Our Venture?

Roohbaru is a non-profit organization founded to create awareness about mental health, provide online consultations with mental health professionals and provide an on-demand mental health and well-being platform. We aim to reduce the stigmas associated with mental illnesses, devise a system to make therapy easily accessible and create an online community for support and increase in knowledge. Roohbaru seeks to be available, relevant and affordable for all the people.

Roohbaru provides a web and mobile-based platform. The services of Roohbaru include:

- Assessment of well-being (Self-Assessments)

- Access to informative material relevant to psychology and well-being

- Engagement with community members for sharing experiences (Rooh Chat)

- Online consultation with counselors for free and paid sessions with psychiatrists and experienced psychologists (Seek Therapy)

Our Team


Shahrina Hashwani Khawaja, Director, Hashwani Group of Companies

Advisory Board

Dr. Murad Moosa Khan, professor of psychiatry at the Aga Khan University and President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

Roohbaru is pleased to have Dr. Murad Khan as a member of our Advisory Board. Dr. Khan has vast experience in promoting mental health in the communities across Pakistan. His professional experience will guide Roohbaru in making quality mental health services accessible to all.

Why should you choose Us?

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