About Roohbaru

Why Roohbaru?

Roohbaru means face to face. It is a discussion between two people. In our venture, it means a well-connected and personal discussion between two souls, hence indicating a soul-to-soul discussion. We believe that all individuals seek such a connection in their life and we provide a safe and healthy environment to fulfill this need.

Attaching stigmas to individuals battling with mental illnesses is common. Roohbaru wants you to know that you are not your mental illness. Why must we allow an individual with a mental illness to pay the price of a society that chooses to ignore them? Here at Roohbaru, we aim to embrace our differences and de-stigmatize mental illness.

How do you know when to connect with us? Here are some questions that might help. Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you been feeling anxious lately and are reluctant to discuss your thoughts with your family and friends? Have you been suffering from a disorder that you would like to learn more about or share your experiences with others suffering from the same illness? Are you simply stressed and need to clear your mind? Would you like to help spread awareness on mental health? No matter which question you fit into, we are here to help you. We are here to talk, to discuss, and to support, openly. We are here to help answer the unanswered.

Mental illness is a biological and medical condition; it is a disease of the brain. It is a chemical imbalance, but unfortunately, not treated like one. Even though it is not visible, it should be treated and approached like a medical concern. Just like other illnesses, mental disorders effect the physiology of the body and the brain.

Therefore, people and society need to understand and acknowledge that mental illness is more than just a phase. Instead of normalizing that emotional struggle as a form of weakness, we must learn to acknowledge our emotions, face our struggles fearlessly, and take ownership and responsibility of our own well-being. We are here to help make that happen.

We welcome you, to the world of Roohbaru. Let’s talk!