Guided Breathing Meditation

Introduction To Mindfulness

Roohbaru offers you an introduction to Mindfulness Practices - practices that are finding wide spread usage across the world, in helping people take care of their mental and physical health.   While Mindfulness practices originate from traditions that are thousands of years old, their benefits in our present day lives are supported by scientific evidence as well as their growing use in the fields of education, healthcare and the corporate world etc.

We invite you to listen to the introduction and then follow the guided practices provided by Shahbano Lodhi.

Body Scan

The purpose of this body scan mindfulness exercise is to notice and become aware of your body. The body scan can be performed while lying down, sitting, or in other postures.

Mindfulness of Breath Practice

This short three and half minute meditation can be done sitting anywhere.

Mindful Eating

For this exercise you need a raisin. This exercise can also be attempted with any kind of small edible object like a peanut or an almond. 

Shahbano welcomes you to contact her via Facebook page “Mindfulness Meditation in Karachi” or you can email her at, She welcomes you to your experience of the practices or to ask any questions that you arise for you.

Shahbano Lodhi