How Effective is it?

According to research, psychotherapy is as effective as medications, bringing about a sustainable positive change in the families and lives of the sufferers. In one such research, while comparing two groups, it was found that people who are exposed to psychotherapies were better off in terms of both physical and psychological health than those who did not receive any psycho-therapeutic treatment at all  [1]. 

How does Psychotherapy Work?

There are three factors that result in successful psycho-therapeutic treatment. These include:

  1. Practicing evidence-based psycho-therapeutic treatment interventions
  2. Clinical competence, expertise and experience of the psychologist
  3. Psychotherapist’s relational attributes and personal characteristics with ethical and cultural competence

When someone enters into psychotherapy, they often feel that their problem and distress is never going to end. Psychotherapy helps such individuals to understand the problem through psycho- education, for both the client and family. This is very crucial on the part of the mental health professionals, who must help the client understand their current condition, the contributing factors and various ways to subdue this condition. Though certain problems and issues may respond really well to one particular type of therapy, the most crucial element of any therapeutic success is the working relationship between the therapist and the client. The fact that mental illnesses can be treated and one’s life can be improved serves as a motivation and hope for the client.Such positive change can lead to productive thinking, which ultimately can result in healthy behavior, improved relationships, creation of strong support systems and better functioning.

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