What are the Benefits?

Try to remember the last time when you were holding your phone in your hand and scrolling down the endless newsfeed of your social media account while sitting in your room. While hundreds of different types of stimuli come up including images, articles, brief paragraphs, audio clips, advertisements, etc., in a very little time, you are able to receive news from different corners of the Earth. You might not realize it but your mind continuously struggles to take in all the information and spends a lot of energy in infinite calculation and processes of perception and assimilation. While being on the phone, you are unable to pay attention to everything physical around you as well. Once you put down the phone however, does it feel like the mind received a break? Can you now refocus and pay attention to what is going around you? You can decide what you would like to think or feel in a given moment, but for that, first you need to take a step back and pause.

We have an innumerable amount of stimuli coming in from our surroundings. The mind has the ability to process the element(s), one pays attention to. If you pause and then select the stimuli that you want to pay attention to, your mind narrows its processing and allows you to pay selective attention. Mindfulness facilitates the awareness of the present moment, leads to effective emotion regulation, and improves a person’s overall mental state.Mindfulness is a state, not a trait, and therefore requires practice.

Another benefit of practicing mindfulness is on the memory and the ability to focus. It increases ones mental flexibility and enables a person to experience lesser emotional reactivity towards an upsetting event while making it easier for the person to learn new things. Additionally mindfulness meditation has a beneficial impact on an individual’s immune system and physiological well-being.

To sum it up the five main benefits of Mindfulness are:

  • Mindfulness can help you understand your pain by helping you restructurethe concept of mental and physical pain
  • Mindfulness helps you give your full attention to your surrounding and the people around you
  • It helps you decrease stress
  • Mindfulness helps us channel our innate energy to focus
  • It gives us a break from the noise and chatter in our world

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